Skyblock Level

This article teaches you about what Skyblock Level is and does

Skyblock Level VS Island Worth

Island worth is measured depending on the amount of valuable blocks placed down on your island, such as Diamond Blocks.

Skyblock level is explained in the next passage

What exactly is Skyblock Levels?

Skyblock Level is the leveling system that shows how far you are in the game. Leveling up gets you gems, crate keys, and other features, boosting your progress.

You can view your current Skyblock Level on the scoreboard at the right side of your screen, under the Player> section.

To view your progress towards the next level, you can run the command /level to get extra details in chat

How to increase Skyblock Level

Skyblock Levels are like the XP levels, you need xp and then you reach the next level after a certain amount of xp. These are the ways to get Skyblock Level XP:

  • Playtime - Just being online gets you passive XP

  • Player Killing

  • Animal Killing

  • Monster Killing

  • Breaking Blocks

  • Fishing

  • Breeding

  • Enchanting

  • Brewing

  • Chatting


  • Dying decreases your XP, and can result in going down levels

  • If you have a suggestion for another way to get XP, make a suggestion at our discord


Leveling up unlocks features and rewards! Here is the current full list:

  • Every 2 Levels: 1x Common Crate Key

  • Every 5 Levels: 1x Rare Crate Key

  • Levels 1-10: 5 Gems Each Level

  • Level 10: Cow Spawner

  • Levels 11-20: 10 Gems Each Level

  • Level 20: Minion Miner

  • Levels 21-30: 15 Gems Each Level

  • Level 30: Zombie Spawner

  • Levels 31-40: 20 Gems Each Level

  • Levels 41-50: 25 Gems Each Level

  • Levels 51-60: 30 Gems Each Level

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