Inviting a Player

This article teaches you about linking your Minecraft to Discord account and proximity chat

Step 1: Get a code

In game, run the command /discord link and you will be given a 4 number code

Step 2: DM the code to the bot

Once you have your 4 digit code, go to discord and DM the bot Sivils#6983 the code. In case you can't find the bot, type in <@813479938689990666> to the general chat and it should convert to pinging the bot.


Linking you account has a few benefits:

  • Other players can easily identify you if they ever need to find you

  • Staff team doesn't need to ask for your username when resolving issues

  • You can use the proximity chat to talk to others in game (more below)

Proximity Chat

Once you have linked your discord, you can join the proximity voice channel in the discord and go in game. When another player is close to you, you can speak to each other


If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, join the discord and let us know