What are Markets?

Markets are playershops, where you can put items up for sale, and look at other markets to buy items from!

There are loads of features that make our markets fun and attractive, such as player friendly, easy navigation and organized sections!


Our markets are very easy to understand, learn, and use! We try to keep things simple, but not basic :D

Your Market


Everyone can make their own market to sell items on! To make a market, simply run [/market create] Anddd you now own a market!


Editing your market and putting items on it is super simple. Open up the Market menu with [/market] or click the Market NPC at spawn.
Then click on the "Your Market" item in the middle. From there there a few options you can do:

  • Change your market name (Ex. Dune's Flower Shop)

  • Change your market description (Ex. We sell Flowers!)

  • Create Categories to put items within (Ex. Poppies)

Adding Items

You can add an item directly from your main market menu, or from within your categories menu (Recommended).
Simply click on the Eye of Ender item at the bottom.

This should open up a new menu where you can configure options for the item:

  • Item Price - How much you want it to be bought for

  • Is for stack - If the item price is for the entire stack or individual items within the stack (Ex. if $500 for the entire stack or $500 for each item in the stack)

  • Wanted Custom Item - If you want something else in exchange for the item your selling. So if you don't want money but rather for example diamonds.

There are many ways to find items:

  • Browsing various markets in the All Markets Section

  • Specifically searching for an item throughout all markets

  • Viewing all items within a market

  • Looking at categories within a market

All items will have a price tag on the item, along with if it wants a custom item in return and not money.
Once you have found the item you want, you can click on it to purchase it. The purchased item should directly be in your inventory after purchase.

Buying from Markets

Item Requests

You can put up a request for a specific item that you want others to find for you, and pay them!

Making a request

To make an item request, click the Minecart in the main market menu. This should bring up all of your

Max Market Items/Requests

Default players will have up to 32 slots for their Market and up to 5 requests at a time. Ranked players have:

  • Booster - 48 Slots and 6 Requests

  • VIP - 48 Slots and 6 Requests

  • VIP+ - 80 Slots and 8 Requests

  • VIP++ - 128 Slots and 12 Requests

  • Netherite - 192 Slots and 20 Requests