Auction House

What is it?

The Auction House is a menu where players can list items for sale, and others players can purchase them.

You can open the Auction House from the Auction House NPC found at Spawn or running the command /ah


In Sivils, theres a lot more features than other servers within the Auction Houses. Below we will explain how to use the various options within the Auction House.

Listing an Item

Method One

There are two super easy methods to list items, the first is clicking the List Item item within the /ah menu. This will open up another menu where you can select options for listing.

Method Two

Alternatively you can run the command [/ah sell] which will open up the menu for listing items.

  • If you don't hold anything while running this, it will let you put an item in the slot.

  • If you do hold an item, it will automatically have that item in the slot.

There are a few options that you can change when listing an item:

  • Starting Price - This is the price your originally listing the item for.

  • Listing Time - How long the item will stay up on the Auction House for.

  • Bidding Enabled - Toggle if this item can be bid on or just bought.

These options are for items that can be bid on:

  • Bid Increment - The default amount the bid goes up by when players choose to bid on it.

Listing Options

Buying/Bidding on Items

Buying Items

You can purchase non-biddable items by left clicking them in the menu and clicking confirm. And it's now yours!

Bidding on Items

Left click biddable items in the menu and you can raise the price by the default amount, or you can raise it by a custom amount set. When raising by a custom amount, you are setting the new price, or how much you want to pay, and not actually "raising it".

Max Listings

Default players can list up to 10 items in the auction house, but ranked can list more:

  • Booster - 15 Items

  • VIP - 15 Items

  • VIP+ - 25 Items

  • VIP++ - 40 Items

  • Netherite - 100 Items