Bedrock X Java | All Platform

Sivils SkyBlock and SMP is a all platform Minecraft server, which means you can join from anywhere, anything, with practically any and all your devices! We currently support PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Windows 10, & Java!

Main Features

Sounds interesting but still hesitant? Here are some of our main features!

  • Custom Shop - Search features, 99% of items, easy sell commands!

  • Professional - Well made and maintained!

  • More Items - Minions, Spawners, Chests, Hoppers!

  • Vanilla - Redstone + Mobs AI

  • Custom Enchantments - 300+ advanced CE's

  • Cosmetics - Show off your cosmetics, obtained by playing!

Staff Members

Meet the wonderful team that keeps Sivils running smoothly!

DuneSciFye - Founder of Sivils Skyblock

XxJeffxX2019 - Skyblock Manager, Administrator, and leads in server management/development

PowerBuffalo810 - Skyblock Manager, Administrator, and Discord Mod

Deathbringer464 - SMP Manager

Alphatoxic813 - Sivils Staff Manager

BookedWindow - Main artist and designer, helps with server development

Ryorama - Helps with technical issues, and inspiration of making Sivils came from him

HappyFarmLifeGuy - Minecraft Administrator and Discord Mod

ChaowTheLion - Minecraft Moderator and Discord Mod

Titanload - Minecraft Moderator

Arjun1448 - Minecraft Moderator

PestilnezReiter - Minecraft Moderator

Xx5ensationalxX - Minecraft Moderator

ULTRAMEOW123 - Minecraft Moderator

xX5ensationalXx - Minecraft Moderator

Acuteharmony455 - Minecraft Helper

Helllstar - Minecraft Helper

NateDavid324 - Minecraft Helper

TMG9045 - Discord Moderator

Prophet - Discord Moderator